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Diabetic Wellness Program
MBE & EDGE Certifications
C & M Diabetic Wellness ProgramC&M Medical Supply, Inc. (“C&M “) is a regional distributor of medical supplies and equipment with locations in Toledo, Ohio. We specialize in meeting the needs of hospitals, nursing facilities, wound/healthcare clinics, and the individual consumer. C&M has implemented a diabetic wellness program to help diabetics cope with the complexities of their condition.

Program Implementation & Goals
C&M’s diabetic Management Program’s mission was designed to assist your patients successfully manage their condition(s) and overall well-being. Our program will implement a proactive plan of care to reduce the risk of serious complications such as blindness, kidney damage, and lower-limb amputations. Working together, our program will help your diabetic patients to reduce the occurrence of these and other diabetes complications by controlling the levels of blood glucose, blood pressure, blood lipids and by receiving other preventive care practices in a timely manner. Appropriate management can result in reduced emergency room visits and hospital admissions as well as improved quality of life and productivity at work and at home.

Our plan of care includes a broad-based consultation that will help support clients that’s identified as being at higher risk of diabetes. C&M will also identify and review tools such as patient and provider information, and pathways that are currently in use to identify examples of best practices.
Members who have one or more of the following conditions may be eligible to participate:
Diabetes (Children & Adults)
Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Goals of the program are to:
Reduce Emergency Room Visits
Reduce Hospital Admissions
Reduce Unscheduled Physician Office Visits
Improve Health Status & Quality of Life
Decrease Cost of Care

Members are empowered to:
Participate In Their Day-to-Day Care
Make Positive Lifestyle Changes
Engage In Appropriate Screenings
Comply with their physician’s plan of care

Member Eligibility
C&M Patient must have insurance that’s accepted by C&M for supplies.
Members diagnosed with diabetes.
Any waiting period for pre-existing conditions has been satisfied.

Member Exclusions
Members with certain complex conditions such as HIV, malignant cancers or end-stage organ disease.
Members diagnosed with diabetes.

Member Identification
Medical and/or pharmacy claims.
Lab data results.
Case management referrals.
Utilization management (inpatient and outpatient episodes).
Predictive modeling data.
Health Assessment.
Referrals from employers, physicians, nurses or family members.
Member self-referrals.

Management Engagement & Participation
The program employs a proactive approach to participation, but allows the member to choose the level of service and participation that best fits their life style or comfort.

Members who respond affirmatively to the invitation to participate are enrolled in the active program. Members who either do not respond to mail or telephone outreach, or who cannot be reached due to invalid or missing phone numbers, are place in the inactive program.

Active Program
Members who elect to participate in the program are enrolled in the active track. This option provides direct telephone interaction between members and health coaches that educate members about their condition(s), help them develop an individualized self-management plan and uses behavioral science to motivate the member to make needed self-care changes.

Program length varies with the condition. Members with coronary artery disease, asthma or chronic pain as their primary condition will complete the program after one year, unless the member request to continue with the program enrollment. For members with heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or diabetes as their primary condition, enrollment is continuous and does not have a program length limitation.

Inactive Program
Members who are identified for the program but not successfully engaged are automatically enrolled in the inactive program. Members receive educational materials addressing their primary condition. After three months of the program enrollment, an attempt is made to engage the member in active participation.

Program Benefits Include:
Health profile and risk assessment.
Customized self-management plan using accepted clinical practice guidelines.
Behavior modification techniques.
Proactive health coaching calls.
Educational material mailed quarterly or upon request.
Feedback to treating physicians as applicable.
Referrals to community resources or case management if needed.
Convenience of having supplies delivered directly to home or office.
Motivating gifts for participating in wellness program.

Program Outcomes
Program outcomes are reported annually on selected healthcare utilization rates and clinical measures. The data collected is pertinent to the individual conditions and indicative of improved employee health and program success.

The following data is collected on all program participants:
Healthcare facility utilization.
Participant satisfaction.
Participant self-reported quality of life.
Provider satisfaction.

Condition-specific measures are also monitored, including:
Lipid profile results (cholesterol).
Hemoglobin A1C for participants with diabetes.

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